*The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/Networks/32778/ Auto Meter/2015 is postponed to 06.11.2015* *The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/Networks/32779/ Auto Meter- Control Centre/2015 is postponed to 28.10.2015* *Due date for DRC tender ref. ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32825/ DRC/2015-16 is postponed to 14.10.2015* *Corrigendum no. 3 to tender notice for DRC tender ref.ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32825/ DRC/2015-16 has been published in ELCOT and TN website* *Corrigendum no.1 to Tender Document ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32825/DRC/2015-16 has been published in ELCOT & TN websites.* *Corrigendum no.1 to Tender Notice ELCOT/PID/32791/LTC/INSPN/2015-16 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website* *Corrigendum NO.9 for Tender Ref: ELCOT/PROC/OT/32732/Laptop/2014-15 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website * *Corrigendum NO.6 for Tender Ref: ELCOT/PROC/OT/32754/Scanners and Plotters/2014-15 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website*
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