**The Due date for Tender ref no.ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32968/TNSDC PH I-DCO/2016-2017 for Selection of Data Centre Operator (DCO) for TNSDC Phase I is postponed. The revised bid submission date will be published shortly** *Pre-bid meeting for Tender ref no.ELCOT/IT-INFRA/TNSWAN/HC/OT-33005/Shifting and other service charges/2016-17 is postponed to 01.03.2017* * The Tender Notice & Document for Tender No.ELCOT/IT-INFRA/OT/32995/VPNoBB/2016-17 due on 02.03.2017 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website* * The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/32857/Digital Audio Work Station /2015-16 has been postponed. The Due Date will be published shortly*
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Project Name Computer Training
Short Description The Government have been contemplating the implementation of 14 mission mode e-Governance Projects.
Detail Description

The Government have been contemplating the implementation of 14 mission mode e-Governance Projects. Capacity Building among 1.2 million Government employees is a pre-requisite for the successful implementation of all these projects. To provide high end IT Training to Government Employees, ELCOT had opened Training Centres all over the State in the respective district collectorates except chennai. In Chennai, ELCOT Training Centre is functioning at Periyar Building Complex, Nandanam, Chennai with 320 Seater Capacity. In Madurai & Trichy the training hall seating capacity is 50 and in other Districts, the training hall seating capacity is 25.

ELCOT had opened Training Division with hi-tech training facility (Laptop, Multimedia Projector and high speed Internet Connectivity through TNSWAN) for training the Government Officials in Chennai and other Districts.

ELCOT has trained over 18,000 officials of various departments including Commercial Tax, Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation(TIIC), Corporation of Chennai (Education Department), Elementary Education, Agriculture Department, Central Co-operative Bank in all Districts.

ELCOT had engaged Professional Trainers on contract basis to provide Open Source Technology Training. Application Software Training through web portal is also given to Government Department officials like Public Health and Preventive Medicine by ELCOT in all Districts.

ELCOT trained 70 Visually Challenged Persons in two phases and 20 Transgenders in Linux Operating System at ELCOT.

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