"Tender Ref.EG/465/CSC/Fin-Institution/2014-Due Date for submission of Tender is postponed from 15/10/2014 to 24/10/2014""Tender Ref.EG/465/Table&Chair/2014-Tender Document Uploaded and Due date for submission extended to 20/10/2014" "Tender No.ELCOT/IT-INFRA/OT/32579/MSP-NW/2014-15 due date for submission 30.05.2014 is postpone.The revised tender submission date will be published shortly in ELCOT & TN website" "Tamil Nadu's First ERP driven Government Office"
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Open Source

"Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) is pushing for Open Source Platform for all their internal IT / ITES solutions and also providing this service to other Government organizations within Tamil Nadu. ELCOT is one of the first Government departments to have adopted this Open Source standard for their IT Infrastructure for Operating Systems (Suse Linux), Database (Postgre SQL), Tools, Java and other latest methodologies for creation of applications."