*The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/Networks/32778/ Auto Meter/2015 is postponed to 06.11.2015* *The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/Networks/32779/ Auto Meter- Control Centre/2015 is postponed to 28.10.2015* *Due date for DRC tender ref. ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32825/ DRC/2015-16 is postponed to 14.10.2015* *Corrigendum no. 3 to tender notice for DRC tender ref.ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32825/ DRC/2015-16 has been published in ELCOT and TN website* *Corrigendum no.1 to Tender Document ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32825/DRC/2015-16 has been published in ELCOT & TN websites.* *Corrigendum no.1 to Tender Notice ELCOT/PID/32791/LTC/INSPN/2015-16 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website* *Corrigendum NO.9 for Tender Ref: ELCOT/PROC/OT/32732/Laptop/2014-15 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website * *Corrigendum NO.6 for Tender Ref: ELCOT/PROC/OT/32754/Scanners and Plotters/2014-15 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website*
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Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) is a wholly owned Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking, registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, as a Company with the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu on the 21st day of March 1977. ELCOT was established with the main objective to promote, establish and run State Public Sector Enterprises for Electronic items; manage, supervise, finance, advise, assist, aid or collaborate with any association, firm, company, enterprise, undertaking, institution or scheme for the advancement and development of all branches of electronics and of industries and business concerns based on or relating to electronics.
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